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March 2021 Update: What Will the USA Miss at The Olympics?

by Angelina
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Olympic games are one of the significant multi-sport events of the world, which is organized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) with the help of NOC (National Olympic Committee) of the host city’s country. Its sole purpose is to provide sportspeople with a platform to showcase their talent to the world via representing their respective countries. Every four years, it is held to respect the ancient origins of the Olympic Games, alternating between summer and winter, consisting of 33 sports with 339 events having more than 200 nations participating in it. Summer Olympic 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic, is supposed to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan, as selected by IOC, becoming the first non-western country to host the same more than once, having already hosted the games in 1964.

The USA is out from coming year’s Olympic Football

Football being one of the 33 sports of the Olympic Games’ 33 sports, was also the first team sport to be included in Olympic Games in 1900; however, the female category of the same was included in the late 1990s. This year it will be the seventh edition of the women’s Olympic football tournament. Tokyo will host a men’s tournament in six different Japanese cities; Tokyo is one.

The USA is one of the splashy participating countries in the Olympic Games. More than 2500 medals in the Summer Olympics and more than 300 medals in the winter Olympics, securing an all-time rank one on the medals board, will again miss the men’s tournament.

The story behind the omission

The main reason is that the USA has lost by 2-1 to Honduras in the semifinal of the CONCACAF qualifying round for the 2021 games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Though both the under 23 teams had a slow start due to Guadalajara’s scorching heat, Honduras managed to create two chances in the opening 20 minutes but, David Ochoa, the US keeper, managed to save on both. Honduras, however, managed to have a heroic start in the second half as it tried to double its lead through Luis Palma, but Jackson Yueill fought right back for the US, giving hope of survival to the Americans. Though the US tried its best to get an equalizer and might have even scored when Tanner Tessmann picked out Jonathan Lewis, Lewis stumbled upon and Honduras held onto their lead. This will be the third time in a row when the USA will miss its chance of appearing at the Olympics for the men’s tournament. However, the scenario is quite the opposite in the case of Honduras. It will be their fourth time, being qualified for the games, in a row after defeating the USA this Sunday afternoon.


Teamwork is the key element for sports like football, where every individual must put their best foot forward to fulfill their individual roles to succeed as a whole as every goal is crucial and can create a roar of excitement. With the hope of hosting the 140th IOC session in 2032 in Mumbai, India, let’s keep an eye on the upcoming Olympic Games that started in late July 2021.

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