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What Foreign Workers and Students Should Do After Their Visa Expiration?

by Angelina
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If you are a student or someone who stays in the USA for official or work purposes then you must directly file a request with U.S citizenship to get an extension in your stay in the United States. You must immediately file your request under form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status before your authorized stay expires. If you stay in the United stated for a longer time than you were authorized, you may have to bear the consequences of getting deported from there permanently.

Make sure to check the date of expiry in the lower right-hand corner of your Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record, that determines your date of expiry of your authorized stay. The recommendation from our side to any student or worker will be that they apply for their extension of stay within 45 days of the expiry of their authorized stay.

Meaning of the term Visa Expiration

It becomes difficult to spot the difference between visa expiration date and the duration of time you have been permitted to stay in the US can be confusing at times. Moreover, these two are two different terms with different meanings. A U.S visa in a person’s passport permits a foreigner to apply to enter the United States. A visa is just a clear indication that your application has been reviewed by a consular officer for an allowance to travel to the U.S.

At the port of entry, a U.S immigration officer of the department of homeland security decides upon whether you are allowed to enter the U.S or how long is your stay permitted in the United States.

Reasons why would you like to extend your stay:

  1. You might have got admitted to the United States with a non-immigrant Visa.
  2. The Status of your non-immigration remains valid.
  3. You also haven’t committed any crimes that make you ineligible for an extension of your visa.
  4. You haven’t gone against any law conditions of your admission.
  5. Validation of your passport will remain valid for the rest of your stay there.

Reasons why you would not like to extend your stay:

  1. Crew member (D nonimmigrant visa).
  2. Visa waiver program.
  3. If an informant of terrorism or is involved in an organized crime.
  4. If you are a fiance of a US citizen or are dependent on a fiance with a non-immigrant visa.
  5. If you to the US with a non-immigrant Visa.
  6. If you traveled to the US without a visa.


To meet the extension requirements for the United States, the renewal of Visa will depend on the allowances of the government officials by an interview procedure. If the foreigner’s government allows the person to travel with a valid but expired Visa then the US government can also do the same by allowing the foreigner to travel with the same old passport and visa. Though eligible applicants can drop their passports and visa application materials at one of their eleven locations.

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