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How USA became the Technological advancements country

by Angelina
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Technology is the application of science, scientific knowledge like skills, processes, and methods to make life easier and to survive. Technological advancements are one of the prime reasons for the human race to rule the world.

Technological advancements

Global innovation is essential to mankind. Many countries in the world are developing rapidly. However, some countries are ahead of others. These countries help their people get more efficient transportation, better health care, environmental protection programs, etc. Bloomberg’s annual innovation index uses more than a dozen criteria to analyze 60 countries. The standard is divided into seven indicators: R&D expenditure, production capacity, and state-owned high-tech companies’ concentration.

In the past decades, the world has advanced in many technology fields like medical, communications, mechanical, industrial, manufacturing, electronic, and others. Some countries like the USA are far more advanced than other countries in medicine, military whereas Japan has an impressive advancement in the field of automobile. Germany is most known for its engineering and some best engineering schools.

Germany is the home to reputed companies like Siemens, Volkswagen, and many more. Additionally, Germany’s advancement in the fields of military technologies, medicine, and infrastructure gives a tough competition to other countries. This year, South Korea lost its top position to Germany due to a decline in productivity, but it may not be a reason for concern.

The Advancements That Took Place In The USA

The USA has made tremendous advancements in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and space technology. NASA and its achievements are well known to anyone exposed to technology. The USA tops the chart in the field of military and its modern technologies and heavy machinery. It has the world’s largest and strongest military.

AT&T Bell Labs led the technological revolution in the United States with many inventions, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), transistors, C programming language, and UNIX computer operating systems. .SRI International, located in Silicon Valley, helped in the establishment of the personal computing industry, while ARPA and NASA funded the development of ARPANET and the Internet. Companies like Apple and IBM developed PCs, while Microsoft developed OS and office software. Companies such as Google and Yahoo have developed techniques to classify and rate websites based on relevance.

The Internet has also become a place for social interaction and computerized websites. Millions of users use services such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate. The continuous development of computer technology and the increasing popularity and development of wireless networks have led to the advent of more powerful mobile phones and smartphones based on software platforms (such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android).


Even with the rise of other science and technology countries, the United States is still a force that cannot be ignored due to its huge R&D budget. The United States is also home to many well-known semiconductor companies (Intel and Xilinx), which operate a large number of electronic devices worldwide. Google and Facebook are also synonymous with American digital domination.

Since then, the United States has possessed stealth bombers, drones, and some of the most frightening warships on the planet. In the new decade, the United States hopes to develop artificial intelligence, especially in terms of how the private sector changes.