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6 Things You Should Know About Writing A Will

by Angelina

As human beings, we don’t like to discuss matters relating to death or after-death massacres. However, it is a topic relevant to us all. But to protect your heir and loved ones, the essential thing you should do is write a Will. A proper Will can keep your dear ones away from unnecessary court claims, hassle, and harassment. A family lawyer can help you with framing a Will. After making a Will, you will get a clear mind that all your possessions will land up with someone who rightfully owns it as per your wish. But before that, there are specific points you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at them.

Begin With A Declaration First

The start of a Will should contain a proper Declaration with your name, your father’s name, your age, full address with all details, and it should not be vague. This section will speak about your identity and who you are. Make sure to mention that you are not under the act of any influence of drugs and that you are in full senses.

Asset Identification

A family lawyer can help you with identifying the assets. Include a proper list of all your financial accounts like bank details, shares, lockers, deposits, retirement funds, insurance policies, and more. Include all your property assets, businesses, cars, jewelry, and even digital assets like domains, social media accounts, websites, or anything else that helps to earn money.

Identification Of Executor Details

After your death, the executor must execute your Will properly as per your wish written in the Will. Include mandatory details like his full name, residence, and the relationship you had with him to avoid any hassle. Make sure you appoint another person as sub executor in case the person you chose initially is not able to act, died, or is unwilling. 

Beneficiary Identification

Mention the names and birth dates of all the beneficiaries or people who will benefit from your Will and get shares of your possessions. Avoid using their nicknames and make sure the name you write matches their birth certificate. It should be unambiguous and written.

Importance Of Witnesses 

Ensure to sign the Will with the proper date and in front of two people who are not beneficiaries. These people will act as witnesses. There is no requirement for the witnesses to know what is written in your Will, but they should be present during the signing as a part of the legal process. The witnesses need to sign as well on the last page stating what they have witnessed. You need to sign on each page of the Will and mention the date along with the sign on the previous page.

Periodic Reviewing

Whenever there is any change in the assets or beneficiaries, immediately update your Will and review it periodically. Mention the date clearly as the latest version will be considered first. But remember to destroy all the previous versions to avoid any complexities.


A clear, unambiguous, and proper Will is the best thing you can do before your death. Many claims turn into hefty court cases, and ugly family fights can be physically, financially, and emotionally draining for your family members. Hence, take the help of a family lawyer and draft a Will before it’s too late.


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