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SUVs Or Pickup Trucks, Which One Should You Pick?

by Angelina
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The need for a vehicle varies from one person to another. Purchasing an SUV or a pickup trucks depends on you.  There are car makers who manufacture both types of cars in all leading countries. All you have to do is check the features and budget while buying one of your choices.

Here are some vital aspects and a comparative study of SUVs and pickup trucks concerning it:

This can help you to decide on the right car.


Generally, the pick-up trucks have more powerful engines than the SUV. You can also get a choice of engines. However, SUV leads the race in case of mileage. The average mileage of the pickup trucks always remains relatively lower than that of the SUVs.

Again if the SUV is a large and luxurious one, it can be less fuel-efficient than a standard pickup truck. So, you need to choose a car according to its engine stats.

Power and Utility

When it comes to power and utility, pickup trucks take the lead compared to SUVs. The source of power is the engine, and as a utility, 2 to 5 persons can easily fit in a  pickup truck, depending upon the model.

However, an SUV leads as a passenger car as it provides the ultimate comfort to the passengers. If you are looking for a family car, choose a medium-priced SUV with some exciting interior features.

Most pickup truck models by top car makers have towing capabilities. This is one thing that you would not find in the SUVs.

Drivability SUVs and Pickup Trucks

The drivability of the SUV is excellent when compared with the pickup trucks. It is easy to handle the steering wheels of the SUVs; thus, maneuvering is simple.

In comparison, pickup trucks and campers have a large body which makes maneuvering a little tough. If you are a new driver, always avoid buying a pickup truck as your first car.

A highway drive with an SUV can be outstanding as you can change lanes within seconds. Many SUVs have parking guidance mechanisms that are not -present in the pickup trucks.

Risk of accident

As pickup trucks have comparatively wide tires than most SUVs, the risk of accidents is less. All SUV owners have to pay 15% to 20% more insurance as they are more prone to accidents.

However, the best way you can avoid it is by driving the SUVs at a comfortable speed. You should also avoid off-roading with an SUV if you do not have proper training. Make sure to drive correctly on adverse road conditions.

Drive on special occasions

If you are into camping and adventurous rides, a pickup truck can be your best friend. If you have a medium-sized family, choosing a camper can help you set out for a road trip on the weekends.

Moreover, you can get a chance to customize your pickup trucks in many ways. All you need to have is legal permission. On the other hand, the chances for customization of SUVs are less.

Final Words

When you have a flexible budget for buying a car, you can get confused while going through the alluring models of SUVs and pickup trucks. However, you should always emphasize on power, quality, drivability, and comfort of the car while buying it.