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Patio or Garden: Which is a Better Spot for Your Barbecue Weekends?

by Angelina
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Weekends are simply great to plan all your leisure activities filled with fun. Things become truly impressive when you have an outdoor barbecue to enjoy the detectable platter with friends and family.

However, executing perfect barbecue weekends has its own challenges. You need to have a list of ingredients in your pantry along with spending a lot of time cooking in front of the grill. Most importantly, the problem arises when you don’t have a lot of acreages to set up your outdoor barbecues.

Typically a paved area of patio is quite suitable for accommodating a barbecue and dining facilities outdoor. On the other hand, a kitchen and dining set up in a garden are equally effective.

Let’s understand which spot can be favorable for your barbecue weekends:

  • Grills

If you are willing to have an outdoor barbecue grill is the most important cooking instrument you will require. There are so many mind-blowing options available at various price ranges.

It can have a charcoal or gas version and if it becomes too much complicated then pick the duel-fuel hybrid model. The urban grillers come with small and portable models that can whip up a feast neatly in a small patio.

  • Cabinets

If your house encompasses a large area you can even incorporate stainless steel cabinets in your outdoor facilities. A garden seems more ideal for accommodating outdoor cabinets made from waterproof and durable materials.

These come in different designs and are suitable for various climatic conditions. Even the cost of maintenance is on the lower side.

  • Dining Table

Setting up a dining table in the outdoor like patios and gardens is essential for the guest. To make the best out of a weekend barbecue, an outdoor eating area is preferable.

Look for the bigger ones if you have enough space like a sizeable garden. While small and compact dining table set is great for a dedicated patio area.

  • Barbecue Weekends: Entertainment Activities

Your weekend barbecue will be incomplete without having proper arrangements for entertainment. Probably you have to arrange a separate area for the little monsters as they are loaded with energy.

Carving out that corner can be difficult if there is a dearth of adequate spacing. Make sure you have a fun and relaxed space for hosting the ultimate weekend barbecue party.

  • Climatic Conditions

The location of your barbecue kitchen is important for adjusting to the varied climatic conditions. If you are residing in a region that gets occasional rain showers having a patio with partial roof cover is ideal.

While areas experiencing mild climatic conditions can opt for a barbecue set up in the garden. The climate becomes a prime factor for a favorable barbecue spot to avoid hot, humid, windy, rainy, and cold weather.

  • Permanent and Portable

If you are residing in a rented house or planning to relocate within a few months then a patio barbecue kitchen sounds better. You can feature portable barbecue appliances that can move along with you.

However, your dream barbecue project can be more satisfying if you don’t see yourself moving anywhere. There can be good blueprints and plans in your exterior like a garden based on convenience and safety.

Key Takeaways

A patio or garden can be equally reliable for your weekend barbecue plans. It mainly depends on the equipment you select for your barbecue project. However, look for safety aspects when designing your outdoor barbecue kitchen.

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