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Is Theatre Art Still Alive in The Us?

by Angelina
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Theatre art has a long history in the US as theatrical events took place in the early 1600s. The English colony was not even developed in the country back then. Afterward, the field of theatre in the US has gone through many ups and downs.

Events like Vaudeville and minstrel shows have been discontinued in the present era, but the theatrical plays usually take place in the country. The Broadway Productions and the East-West Players still organize shows and attract millions of theatre fans.

There are some prominent reasons why you can still find theatre houses running with all grandeur in the US:

The reasons are broadly discussed here

Theatres show the history

Many theatrical plays show historical events to the audience. This is one of the most important reasons why people visit the theatre halls. Connecting to history, the audience will be aware of their country and develop affection towards it.

Strong medium for giving a message

The theatre is an independent medium for giving a message to society. It is a creative way to project the flaws in society and the places where things can be changed for good.

Anything shown in the theatrical plays is done creatively, and you can remember it for a long time as it leaves a strong impression in mind.

Community Plays

Many communities live in the US, and many community-based plays run in the country’s leading theatre houses. People belonging to such communities watch the shows and become culturally enriched.

Moreover, the artists can connect to the audience through their acts in theatres more than in movies. You can also consider that the theatergoers are like-minded, and every show turns out to a social gathering.

A platform to develop acting skills

All theatrical plays provide the actors with a chance to enhance their acting skills. Mostly, theatre actors are likely to join the film industry later in their careers. The theatre is a crude medium where a performing artist develops a managing skill apart from performing.

This skill helps him/her manage and maintain the performance’s finetune when any nuisance occurs on stage. You can consider the theatre industry running prominently as many youngsters join the theatre groups after their drama courses.

Improved production

Theatre productions in the US have improved a lot recently as the groups and houses are eager to use modern technology to enhance the quality of their performances. This is another reason why people from all age groups are eagerly visiting the theatres to witness the plays.

Final Words

Considering these reasons, you can say that the theatre culture is still present in the US. It has a promising future too. As many theatre actors are developing a fanbase, youngsters are getting inspired to take drama as a degree course and make theatre their career. The life of a theatre person is quite hectic and demanding. However, most people are attached to this fieldwork with passion and make their livelihood. Many groups have their live orchestra too. They perform live music, which adds more elegance to the play. It acts as a source of income for the musicians.