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IRS impersonation: Here’s What You Should Do

by Angelina
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Recently, an incident where a retired schoolteacher from New York City, Lee Meyer, began getting strange phone calls on every weekday afternoons. This woman claimed to be a treasury department official and left a message and a phone number telling him that he needed to settle a tax fraud charge or else he will be dragged to the magistrate judge. Mr. Meyer, 83 didn’t respond to any calls after that and got to know later that the law enforcement and consumer protection officials that most of the Americans need to remember: The Internal Revenue Service does not bother any person by calling them or threatening them for legal actions or harass them for debts.  The justice department also highlighted this message that it announced, stating it had broken up a vast IRS impersonation operation in which conspirators in the United States coordinated together along with all other call centers in India between 2012 to 2016 and caused loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of more than 15,000 victims.

IRS impersonation: Steps to be taken to protect yourself from these scams

To protect yourself from these scams and loss of dollars, make sure not to provide any personal information while talking to someone unknown. You can always ask for their details like the name just to include those in your complaint. The website of the treasury inspector general for tax administration has an online form that allows you to report IRS impersonations.

Moreover, it includes sections that report the payment details of how much amount was paid to the perpetrators of the fraud and check whether they have any of your personal information. They also assign a personal identification number to the case to confirm that the agent following up is legitimate.

How to File a Complaint In This Case?

Filing a complaint is that easy with the federal Trade commission that investigates any sort of consumer fraud. In case of any scam and filing of the complaint, you might be asked to be entitled to restitution if any court orders defendants to pay up. You will have time that is too limited to claim your losses because the court might amend restitution orders up to 60 days after the sentence.

Lawsuits by the US against Call Centers

The US has filed lawsuits against almost five companies and three individuals who were responsible for making hundreds of millions of fake robocalls to American Consumers from abroad. Half of these scammers turned out to be from India, and they had caused a considerable amount of financial losses to elderly people and those too vulnerable.


These scams were increasing with time, which is why the US authorities had to take action against them after various warnings. Moreover, every year around tens of millions of Americans lost billions of dollars to these scam callers, and that was becoming a significant issue now. The worst about this crime is that it is becoming trendy after every passing day.

The government needed strict actions against these actions, and they have done it just to put a pause to these scams and crimes going on.