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Is Your Daily Diet of Tacos, Fries, and Nachos Helping Your Health

by Angelina
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We often find ourselves staring at a plate of cheesy bits, ready to forsake all other food for the rest of our lives! We all know, we’ll never be able to live without those cheesy piles of nachos, those golden French fries from Mc Donald’s, or even those  Pastor Tacos. These deliciously unhealthy cuisines have crept into every corner of the world and we just can’t imagine our lives without them. These sumptuous dishes are pretty mouth-watering until they play a crucial role in deteriorating your health.

Diet of Tacos, Fries, and Nachos

Tacos Diet

This simple, budget-friendly, quirky-themed, tortilla-based snack is proven to change your life forever! Tacos also allow customization, making them a staple food to serve the crowd. From a simple tortilla with meat and cheese filling to complex meals with worldly flavors, tacos are a meal that people of all ages look forward to. Most tacos are served on flour tortillas which are refined carbohydrates but they quickly absorb in the body causing blood sugar and insulin spikes. They might keep your appetite full for longer but that’s because they’re complex carbs that take a longer time to digest. If you’re on a healthy diet, but still looking for something flavourful,  then baked corn tortillas are just the right thing to hold up.


We all know how addictive French fries can be- capturing our senses and stimulating our taste buds with the natural sweetness of the potatoes! Fries are our kryptonite, and with a side of mayo, it’s just what we would call ‘heavenly’! But fries contain a lot of fat and salt which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Excessive consumption of fries can even double the risk of death. Fries are particularly higher in calories and trans fat which are associated with diseases like cancer and diabetes. Healthy fries is not an oxymoron and they can actually make for a satisfying and guilt-free snack if they are home-baked using minimal canola or olive oil.


Nachos are an extremely versatile snack with the perfect blend of crunchy and saucy, flawlessly complementing the flavor of every bite. Nachos cant is a beat; there’s one kind for everyone out there. Nachos are always open to customization and you can never go wrong with this internationally beloved food. But the nutritional benefit of this popular appetizer is hard to figure out as nachos can be high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Although Americans love eating nachos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is relatively harmless and healthier if fried tortilla is avoided and substitute with baked or corn tortillas. Use some protein fillings and a little amount of cheese as the crowning glory, just for some flavor. Consider switching to vegan recipes, it will make your beloved nachos more significantly beneficial for consumption.


Although these calorie-dense snacks are toothsome and palatable, they have negligible nutritional value, and if considered under a broad umbrella, they are high in calories, fat, and salt. As Americans are busy and most of the times prefer munching on these junkies while working outside, they can have severe effects on the American health system.

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