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Covid-19 and Vaccine Status in The USA as Of April 2021

by Angelina

It is predicted that the US might have enough coronavirus vaccine doses for every American by the end of March 2021. In a statement by Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, it clearly stated that ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is the administration’s Covid-19 vaccine program and is expected to provide up to 100 million doses by the end of this year. The amount of dosage is predicted to be enough for every American to get vaccinated between March to April 2021. 

According to Azar’s statement, the country is currently manufacturing all the six potential doses that were backed up by former president Donald Trump and his government over 23 manufacturing facilities. 

Vaccines brought us closer and will bring us closer again

Vaccines have protected us for over 200 years against diseases that were a life threat to humanity and a hurdle in development. Vaccines have always helped us out of all life threats in every possible way, so the same will be the case with COVID-19. The United States will allow the general public to access the Covid-19 vaccines by April.

Moreover, various doses should be available daily by this time of the year in almost every pharmacy, community vaccine center, and mobile. The availability of vaccines everywhere will help speed up the dosage of vaccines for the higher priority groups. 

Availability of Vaccines in the US For Young Children

Vaccines for young children aging between 12-15 will be available by September. Here two companies that are Pfizer and Moderna, have already received their Authorization, to begin with, their trials for children. Moderna is involved in the participation of children aging between 12-18 years for their trials along with their vaccine study on more younger children is between six to eleven years old. 

President Biden prediction involves a total of 300 million vaccinations by July

Fauci previously stated that Americans could get back to their everyday lives at the earliest if 70% to 80% of the US population gets vaccinated by the end of summer. The comments made by President Biden clearly stated that the demand for vaccinations had exceeded the demand of supply. The states were supposed first to vaccinate priority populations, that is, health care workers and people on the long-term care facilities, but the demand tended to exceed the supply chain. 

A population of more than 34.7 million people has already received their vaccination dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine. The average rate of Covid-19 vaccine administration in the US has been steadily increasing every week since the first few shots that were administered in December. 


The vaccinations need immediate administration as most states are loosening their Covid-19 restrictions, leading to a massive spike in the COVID cases. People need to get vaccinated as soon as possible to put a pause to this spike of cases. Though the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have already dropped, as of now, it is predicted to spike again in March. The vaccination dosages need to be increased so that most population can get vaccinated before the cases rise again.