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Seven Great Tips To Earn More In The Creative Digital Agency Industry.

On my You Tube channel creative digital agency there is a video for the digital marketing audit for prospecting for selling there’s tons of content about that stuff so if you guys are looking for anything about selling social media marketing services or digital marketing services finding clients how to land the clients.

creative digital agency

How to get them to actually buy from you we have a whole playlist on YouTube just about selling and prospecting so make sure you check that out but all you’re gonna do here you’re gonna start to approach businesses so going out to networking events going directly to their business and taking them some type of value the key here what I want you to understand about approaching business is to provide biggest thing provide value first do not go in there and try to instantly sell them.

People don’t want to be sold to provide value @twitter first meaning go create a digital marketing audit for that business and take it into them and in that digital marketing audit there should be solutions that they can implement themselves to start getting better results for their marketing campaign it shouldn’t be here are the issues they know what the issues are they need to see what the solutions are from you that’s what’s going to make you valuable to them because you gave them information that they can use alright so now after we start approaching the businesses after we start reaching out to them we start going out and making sure that they know who we are and what we offer we provide value to them we’re gonna move into the next part alright guys so step number three is pretty easy okay so now that we have you know we’ve gone out.