If best business checking Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

Public School System teammates is a very successful mentoring program now best business checking in its rd year research shows that mentored teens have fewer discipline issues a lower dropout rate and a higher attendance average but you have to mentor teens when they’re in school during the workday Westgate allows its employees to do this while they’re still on the that’s important because we’re mentoring students doing the school day and having businesses make that commitment and see the importance of doing this is huge without it businesses like Westgate we can do this and westgate could not do what it does in Lincoln without help one of their partners and many of the projects we’ve mentioned is fhl Bank Topeka so we’ve always been a borrower.

best business checking

We’ve always had advances from the Federal Home Loan Bank they’ve helped us accomplish our mission of meeting the credit needs of Lincoln besides advances Westgate also uses a variety of Bank Topeka products to build their community such as mortgage partnership finance program letters of credit line of credit overnight deposits and housing and community development programs one example of this partnership between west gate and fhl Bank Topeka is st. Gianna’s domestic violence shelter for pregnant women it’s a bed facility that was filled to capacity the day it opened we’ve saved almost babies now or just in our third year Westgate made this project possible thanks in part to a two hundred and ten thousand dollar grant from fhl Bank Topeka many other banks turn down the project Wes key was the only one that was interested the only one that would step up we also have done a number of projects in low-income or blighted areas where we’ve received special funding for that which is assisted in that process as well so they’re one of the key partners in our success


If success is measured in profits then sure westgate is successful but that’s only one measure of success through west gates partnership with fhl Bank Topeka Dave helped create housing for those in need revitalize urban neighborhoods once on the decline and volunteered countless hours in endless service projects Westgate did not have to involve itself in any of these projects just as they don’t have to volunteer at the Literacy Center they don’t have to plant trees or allow their employees to volunteer in the middle of the workday what they do and they do it because they love their town there’s a lot to love here in Lincoln if you’ve ever wondered how much of a difference one bank can make you might find the answer in Lincoln Nebraska westgate Bank has built an army of caring volunteers who want a better life for everyone.

I think banks occupied special place in the world of social responsibility the money that people entrust with us it’s not our money it’s their money and we need to reinvest that back in the Lincoln community he has the expertise to lead in this community he has the position to leave in this community and we are so fortunate to have Westgate bank received this award well-deserved award this year congratulations Westgate bank winner of this year’s fhl Bank topeka community leader award in one year alone credit cards accounted for almost billion pounds worth of spending in the UK everything from perfume and gifts to a meal in a restaurant or bought on credit but how are these handy little rectangles put together the life of the ordinary credit card starts the facility like this in Slovakia its location is an advertisement to the public and security

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