Facts That Nobody Told You About Internet Providers Lincoln NE

What I’m complaining so I know how to know that we can survive don’t have any other way to survive yeah that is what I do by evening you’re a cook that’s what you do is to living right yeah what what why can’t you what can’t you work what can’t you like get up in the morning to do clear huh I’m Indian so who’s that I get my money. to go to school um you make me okay so you make a little still offer people you are where you go to school for yeah I was on baking school.

I love the miscibility if I don’t do this kind of go so maybe you K you can’t go and work at a job at the after school you can’t go and work somewhere for money you have to still you have to steal from people how long has no glue kill getting their guns be in Nigeria correct Ian yeah it’s a admit here in Nigeria then yeah we hoping we can eat so you can’t.

You can’t make it you Internet companies can’t make a live and do something else like there’s not a job that you can do in Nigeria like at the school or or doing something like I mean what do other students do that that are going to school Nigeria what do they do for money like you know main these dogs really really neat lady will have a better job no good legs no good and it’s physically so if you don’t do this kind of job there’s no important a collision so you get from the hunger.

what do you do you walk for some water do you do it just by yourself I do this by myself I’ve been onto this for a long time so if you go to school how many years you been doing this for how many years have you been doing this for ah I think over three is nine so these are our fundamental to school this is not a picture of myself well what do you start what.

Are you studying what were you studying at school in school I’m floating I can take you architectural well let me ask you if there’s no jobs in Nigeria how are you going to get a job as an architect yeah you know I’m not done with my school I’m gonna leave this job so I look.

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