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Personalized Badges Smackdown!

I’m going to show you the basics first thing you’re going to need is a cover button kit here is the button just right here like that and then here’s the back part of it the concept is to wrap a piece of fabric around this cover button then glue the personalized badges rail onto the back with some epoxy and I like to use e you will need.

personalized badges

The tool itself the button goes into here and then you push it with this and I’ll show you that in a minute and then also a template you need a piece of fabric that is larger than the actual button because you need to wrap it around the back to encase all of the raw edges with this type of template it has a circle in the middle so.

You can place your fabric just the way you want it like with this one I wanted the owl right in the center of course so when I cut it out I placed it all in this area and then traced around it another thing you’ll need is some sort of marking pen you can use either a pen nets in the sewing notions section that’s designed to disappear with time or with water or this particular project since you’re never going to see these edges anyway.

You can just use a regular ballpoint pen or marker and of course you need a scissors and then some e brand epoxy so let’s get started you can pretty much use any kind of fabric you want as long as it’s something that will look good in this little area so obviously a large print isn’t going to look very good you wanted something.

That’s got a smaller print like this so you can get pretty much any fabric as long as it’s not something overly stretchy or too thick it has to still fit into the covered button so this is just a regular piece of cotton broadcloth we’re quilting cotton you can get fabric pretty much anywhere online and then you’re chain stores.

Quick and Easy Fix For Your Insurance Company

insurance company

Damaged two liability which pays for legal obligations to others for bodily injury or property damage and number three medical which pays for hospital bills rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages or funeral expenses part two money matters so how much coverage.

Should you get well that depends on different things such as your car’s value whether you own the car outright and how much in damages you could afford to cover out-of-pocket on your own naturally your monthly premium will vary depending on your amount of coverage like for instance it costs more to insure the ecto mobile than it does to say.

Cover mr. Bean’s little mustard yellow car that’s the way of the world kid and don’t you forget it very important note just because you pay premiums that doesn’t mean you’ll pay nothing when you get into a wreck most likely you’ll have something called a deductible the deductible is the amount of money.

That you have to pay before your insurance starts kicking in so let’s say you total your $, car in a wreck and your deductible is $, that means that you are going to pay the first thousand dollars to get your car replaced and your insurance will pay the remaining four thousand in the good old US of A nearly all states require that you have car insurance if you’re going to own or drive a car so it’s super important to get it also the remaining states still require that you prove.

That you could afford to cover all damages if you get into a wreck so basically for the privilege of not paying a monthly premium on insurance you’re gambling potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more so we would say crowd get insured blah blah blah okay part three how to get insured this is actually really simple you can get quotes online or.

Over the phone very quickly from dozens of competitors the insurance company will need a bit of information about you and your car they also likely run a credit reports and look up your accident history once you get a quote you like you’ll start paying premiums and they will send you your insurance card .

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